Fire Safety Equipment Services

Mandatory Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers for Safety Compliance

Fire extinguishers are essential for workplace safety and must be available, regularly inspected, and maintained to remain effective at all times. Ensuring these devices are serviced properly is a key responsibility for employers. Firecode Safety Equipment offers convenient scheduling to make this essential service straightforward and hassle-free.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and renewal services for fire extinguishers.
  • Essential Components and Replacement Parts

Equipment Sales

  • Wide selection of fire extinguishers, both new and reconditioned:
    • Versatile ABC and BC types
    • Effective CO2 and K-Type extinguishers
    • Halon and Halotron variants
    • Specialty models including Purple K, Water Mist, Class D, and more
  • Reliable mounting options suitable for any setting, including vehicles and wall placements.

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Expert Fire Suppression Offerings

Advanced Installation and Ongoing Maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems

With years of experience, our technicians provide top-tier installations and maintenance for a range of fire suppression systems. From detailed sprinkler system setups to essential safety equipment for commercial kitchens, we manage all aspects meticulously.

Fire Suppression Offerings

  • Custom sprinkler system designs and installations
  • Routine checks, maintenance, and repairs of fire sprinklers, including:
    • Comprehensive solutions for wet sprinkler systems
    • Fire hydrants and pump systems
    • Custom setups for fire cabinets and specialized sprinkler systems in paint booths
  • Complete backflow prevention services including inspections, maintenance, and yearly certifications

Kitchen and Cooking Area Systems

  • Installation and servicing of kitchen hoods and Ansul systems, meeting the strict UL 300 Standard for grease-laden vapor-producing facilities.


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Compliance with Emergency Lighting Regulations

State-Mandated Emergency Lighting Standards

California law requires that emergency lighting systems in designated areas are maintained with sufficient battery life to last no less than 1.5 hours during power outages. We handle all aspects of sales, installation, maintenance, and certification to ensure your systems meet these requirements.

Emergency Lighting Services

  • Detailed visual inspections and 90-minute performance tests
  • Expert installation and regular maintenance services
  • Annual certification services to maintain compliance


Lighting Products

  • A variety of emergency and combination lighting systems
  • Bulb and battery replacements, including Ni-CAD and Lead Acid
  • Environmentally friendly Tritium exit signs

Workplace Fire Safety Training

Required Training on Fire Extinguisher Use

Our training programs meet the stringent requirements set by California Labor Code, Cal/OSHA, and federal regulations, which mandate annual employee training on fire extinguisher use. We offer flexible training options, either on-site or through our certified DVD course.

Training Program Highlights

  • Key topics:
    • Understanding different fire types and behaviors
    • Procedures to follow during a fire emergency
    • Detailed instructions on various fire extinguisher uses
  • Real fire hands-on extinguisher training

Benefits for Your Team

  • Comprehensive handouts and attendance documentation
  • An outline for inclusion in your employee safety training records, demonstrating compliance with OSHA regulations

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