About Firecode

Firecode Safety Equipment is one of the largest fire and safety equipment firms in Northern California.

We’re a family-owned and independent local business, proudly serving the Sacramento region since 1982. Your fire safety needs are our number one priority, delivered with excellent customer service. Trust our experienced and trained technicians to take care of you!

Meet Our CEO

Sarah Stanley – CEO

Sarah Stanley is a seasoned professional with extensive expertise in corporate operations and business administration. With Bachelor’s degrees in Management, Business Administration and an MBA under her belt, Sarah brings a wealth of knowledge and a solid academic foundation to her role.

With over 25 years of experience in corporate operations, Sarah has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and expansion of Firecode. Her strategic vision and leadership have propelled Firecode’s success and enabled the company to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Beyond her contributions to the company’s growth, Sarah has also been deeply committed to positively impacting the community. She has spearheaded various community involvement initiatives at Firecode, forging partnerships with local charities and actively participating in philanthropic endeavors. Through her efforts, Sarah has helped Firecode give back to the community and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Sarah is not only a highly accomplished professional but also a leader with an employee-centric management philosophy. Recognizing that the success of any organization is deeply rooted in the well-being and engagement of its employees, Sarah has made it a priority to create a work environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and job satisfaction.

Under Sarah’s leadership, Firecode has cultivated a culture of empowerment, where each employee is encouraged to contribute their unique talents and ideas. She believes in building solid teams and nurturing the professional development of her staff. Sarah understands that when employees feel valued and supported, they are more motivated to perform at their best and contribute to the company’s overall success. She has cultivated a motivated and cohesive team that consistently delivers exceptional results by empowering her employees. Her commitment to her staff’s well-being and professional growth sets the foundation for a thriving and progressive organization.

Sarah’s dedication to her work stems from her passion for customer satisfaction. As she puts it, “My favorite part of working at Firecode is our customers. I have the opportunity to be an integral part of their safety plan, and this keeps me striving to do better every day. I want them to know they are in good hands with Firecode.” Her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring the safety and well-being of Firecode’s customers is a driving force behind her continued success.

With a proven track record of excellence in corporate operations, a deep sense of community involvement, and a genuine dedication to customer satisfaction, Sarah Stanley is a true asset to Firecode. Her leadership and expertise have shaped the company’s growth and enriched the lives of those she serves.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Casey Smith – Suppression Installation Manager

Casey Smith is the area leader in fire suppression systems. He specializes in system builds. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of codes and regulations, Casey works closely with the fire and building department to create comprehensive plans and obtain necessary permits for fire suppression system installations. Casey’s commitment to excellence and dedication to the highest standards of safety have earned him a stellar reputation in the industry. His exceptional leadership and problem-solving skills have contributed to making Casey a trusted resource for clients. Casey’s remarkable contributions to the fire suppression systems industry, coupled with his ability to work seamlessly with building departments, make him an invaluable asset to our company and a trusted professional in the field.

Jason Paron - Chief Operations Officer

Jason Paron is a skilled journeyman AFSA pipefitter with a proven track record at Firecode since 2008. Holding a C10 and C16 contractor’s license, he also leads the Alarms, Sprinklers, and Backflow divisions. With expertise in pipefitting and a strong focus on compliance and quality, Jason is a valuable asset in the construction industry. Jason is known for his strong work ethic and commitment to ongoing learning. He stays abreast of the latest advancements in his field, constantly expanding his skill set so his team can provide the best possible service to clients.

Toa Tuaumu – Fire Extinguisher Manager

Toa Tuauma is a certified Fire Extinguisher Manager specializing in fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems for commercial kitchens. With extensive experience and a focus on safety, Toa ensures the proper maintenance and functionality of these critical systems, providing reliable fire protection solutions. His meticulous approach and attention to detail ensure that his team keeps vital equipment in optimal working condition, ready to effectively combat fires and protect lives and property. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and safety, Toa Tuauma is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient fire protection solutions.

Kaydee Perreria - Customer Service Manager

Kaydee Perreria is a dedicated professional with over 13 years of experience in customer service, customer rapport, and hospitality. Kaydee has always had a passion for providing exceptional service, building strong relationships with customers, and ensuring client satisfaction.

In 2022, Kaydee joined Firecode. As a valued member of the Firecode team, Kaydee brings her extensive customer service expertise to ensure client satisfaction. Her commitment to delivering exceptional service and building strong relationships perfectly aligns with Firecode’s mission to prioritize customer needs.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kaydee finds solace in the great outdoors and enjoys exploring nature’s beauty. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, strolling along the beach, or embarking on new adventures, she finds inspiration and rejuvenation in the embrace of nature.

Ben Garcia - Warehouse Manager

Ben Garcia is a seasoned warehouse professional with over 20 years of experience. Born and raised in Sacramento, he brings a deep understanding of the local business landscape. Ben is a Certified Fire Extinguisher Technician, specializing in inspecting, maintaining, and servicing fire extinguishers to ensure top-notch safety standards. Known for his strong collaborative nature, he is a trusted team member who excels in logistics, inventory management, and fostering positive relationships. His friendly demeanor, reliable nature, and dedication to providing exceptional service have earned him a reputation as a trusted team member and an asset to any organization.

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