Clearlake Firecode Safety Equipment

Leading Fire Safety Provider in California

Firecode Safety Equipment stands as a leading provider of essential fire safety services across California. We ensure that your fire extinguishers are accessible, inspected, and maintained in peak condition, adhering to both state and federal regulations. Our streamlined service processes are designed to be convenient and efficient, minimizing disruption to your business.

Our Offerings

  • Regular and thorough inspection, maintenance, and certification services to meet California’s rigorous safety standards.
  • Extensive range of fire extinguisher parts and accessories.

Fire Safety Products

  • Comprehensive selection of fire extinguishers, available new or reconditioned:
    • Dependable ABC and BC types
    • Specialized CO2 and K-Type extinguishers
    • Environmentally friendly Halon and Halotron alternatives
  • Versatile mounting solutions for various commercial and industrial environments in California.

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We’re committed to enhancing your fire safety standards. Contact us at (707) 505-8364 or via our online form to arrange your service.

Customized Fire Suppression for California Buildings

Specialized Fire Suppression Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our skilled technicians provide bespoke fire suppression systems tailored to the specific needs of any California facility, from sprawling industrial complexes to intimate boutique stores.

Fire Suppression Capabilities

  • Tailored design and installation of state-of-the-art fire suppression systems.

  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair services, including:

    • Both dry and wet sprinkler systems

    • Suitable fire hydrant setups for varied California settings

  • Advanced systems for specialized areas such as kitchens and painting booths, compliant with California’s UL 300 standards.

Arrange Your Fire Suppression Services

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California-Specific Emergency Lighting Standards

Ensuring Compliance with California’s Emergency Lighting Requirements

In California, maintaining emergency lighting systems to code is crucial for safety. Our expert services ensure that your lighting systems are always ready to operate effectively in the event of a power failure.

Emergency Lighting Expertise

  • Detailed inspections and state-compliant testing procedures.
  • Professional installation and maintenance tailored to California’s unique requirements.
  • Yearly certification to confirm system reliability and compliance.


Lighting Solutions

  • A range of suitable emergency lighting systems for any California facility.
  • Efficient and durable bulb and battery replacements.
  • Long-lasting Tritium exit signs for extended reliability.

California-Adapted Fire Safety Training

Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Training for California Workplaces

Tailored to the unique fire safety challenges faced by California businesses, our training programs ensure that your staff is equipped with the knowledge to manage fire emergencies effectively.

Training Details

  • Specific topics on understanding fire dynamics unique to California.
  • Comprehensive guidance on various fire extinguisher types and their applications.
  • Engaging, hands-on fire extinguisher training with actual fire scenarios.

Training Outcomes

  • Detailed educational materials focused on California’s fire safety protocols.
  • Attendance documentation and training outlines that satisfy California’s OSHA standards.

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Our team is ready to assist with your fire safety needs. For service inquiries or to schedule a training session, call us at (707) 505-8364 or complete our online contact form. We look forward to ensuring your safety and compliance in California.

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