Fire Safety Equipment Services

It is mandatory for all workplaces to have fire extinguishers accessible, inspected regularly, and maintained in fully operational condition. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure every fire extinguisher at your workplace undergoes regular checks and servicing. At Firecode Safety Equipment, we schedule these essential services at your convenience, aiming to simplify this annual requirement.

Service Offerings

Regular and monthly inspections, maintenance, and renewals of fire extinguishers.
Replacement Parts for Fire Extinguishers

Product Sales

A range of fire extinguishers, both new and refurbished:

  • Standard ABC and BC units
  • CO2 and K-Type models
  • Halon and Halotron options
  • Specialty units like Purple K, Water Mist, and Class D variants
  • Mounting Solutions for all types of extinguishers, ensuring secure placement whether on walls or in vehicles.

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Fire Suppression Expertise

Detail-Oriented Installation and Maintenance of Fire Suppression Systems

Our skilled technicians, with years of experience in the field, provide superior installation and upkeep services for various fire suppression systems. From sophisticated overhead sprinklers to specialized systems for kitchens and paint booths, we handle every detail.

Comprehensive Fire Suppression Solutions

  • Design and implementation of sprinkler systems
  • Regular testing, maintenance, and repairs of fire sprinklers, including:
    • Wet sprinkler systems
    • Fire hydrants and pumps
    • Custom solutions for fire cabinets and paint booth sprinklers
    • Backflow prevention services including testing, maintenance, and certification

Specialized Kitchen Systems

  • Installation and maintenance of kitchen hood and Ansul systems, complying with UL
  • 300 Standards for facilities producing grease-laden vapors.

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Emergency Lighting and Compliance

California’s Requirements for Emergency Lighting

In compliance with state regulations, emergency lighting in critical areas such as stairs and corridors must be maintained with enough battery capacity to last at least 1.5 hours during a power outage. Regular monthly and annual testing are required by law. We provide comprehensive sales, installation, and maintenance services to ensure your lighting systems are compliant and fully functional.

Emergency Lighting Services

  • Thorough visual inspections and rigorous 90-minute functionality tests
  • Professional installation and routine maintenance
  • Certification services annually
  • Products Available
  • Standard and combo exit/emergency lighting units
  • Replacement bulbs and batteries including Ni-CAD and Lead Acid types
  • Eco-friendly Tritium exit signs

Fire Safety Education Programs

Mandatory Fire Extinguisher Training for Employees

Adhering to California Labor Code, Cal/OSHA, and federal guidelines, we offer thorough training programs on the use of fire extinguishers, tailored to meet increased regulatory demands and avoid penalties. We can conduct these training sessions directly at your location or provide a certified DVD course.

Training Details

  • Essential topics covered:
  • Types of fires and their behavior
  • Emergency procedures for workplace fires
  • Comprehensive training on various extinguishers
  • Practical, hands-on experience with real fire scenarios
  • What Your Team Will Receive
  • Detailed handouts and an attendance sheet
  • A structured outline for your safety training records, ensuring compliance with OSHA standards

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