Firecode Safety Equipment Inc. 

California’s Premier Provider for Fire Safety Equipment

Firecode Safety Equipment is dedicated to offering top-tier fire safety services across California, including specialized solutions for farms, vineyards, barns, and wineries. Ensuring your fire extinguishers are always ready and compliant with state regulations is our priority. Our efficient service schedules are designed to keep your operations safe and uninterrupted.

Services Offered

  • Regular inspection, maintenance, and certification services to meet the unique fire safety needs of California’s diverse facilities.
  • A complete inventory of fire extinguisher parts and accessories.

Fire Safety Equipment Sales

  • Broad selection of fire extinguishers, both new and refurbished:
    • Robust ABC and BC extinguishers
    • Specialist CO2 and K-Type units
    • Eco-friendly Halon and Halotron devices
  • Custom mounting solutions tailored to the needs of farms, vineyards, and wineries.

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Fire Suppression Solutions for Specialized Settings

Tailored Fire Suppression for Agricultural and Viticultural Environments

Our expertise extends to designing and installing fire suppression systems that meet the specific safety requirements of agricultural settings, including farms, barns, vineyards, and wineries.

Fire Suppression Features

  • Custom fire suppression system designs that consider the unique aspects of agricultural and viticultural settings.
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repair services for:
    • Dry and wet sprinkler systems adapted for large open spaces and delicate environments like wineries.
    • Fire hydrant systems that cater to the expansive layouts of farms and vineyards.


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Emergency Lighting and Compliance

Adhering to California’s Emergency Lighting Standards in Specialized Settings

It’s crucial to ensure that your emergency lighting systems in barns, wineries, and other agricultural settings comply with California’s safety standards. Our services are designed to keep your emergency systems functional and compliant, even during power outages.

Emergency Lighting Services

  • Detailed inspections and performance testing to meet state compliance.
  • Tailored installation and maintenance services for rural and agricultural properties.
  • Annual certification to ensure ongoing compliance and safety.


Available Lighting Products

  • A diverse array of emergency lighting systems suitable for any setting, especially large properties like farms and vineyards.
  • High-quality, durable bulb and battery replacements.
  • Reliable Tritium exit signs for extended durability and visibility.

Fire Safety Training for Diverse Environments

Customized Training Focused on Agricultural and Viticultural Risks

Understanding the specific fire risks associated with farms, barns, vineyards, and wineries is crucial. Our training programs are designed to address these unique challenges, ensuring your staff is prepared to handle potential fire emergencies effectively.

Training Program Highlights

  • Topics include understanding specific fire types and behaviors relevant to agricultural settings.
  • Detailed guidance on using various types of fire extinguishers, with a focus on scenarios likely to occur in barns and wineries.
  • Practical training using real fires to simulate typical agricultural fire scenarios.

What Your Team Learn

  • Comprehensive educational materials tailored to the fire safety needs of agricultural environments.
  • Attendance sheets and training documentation that meet California’s OSHA compliance requirements.

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