Fire Suppression

Our professional team of technicians has decades of knowledge and experience installing and maintaining a variety of fire suppression systems; from overhead sprinklers, to underground pumps, as well as kitchen hoods and Ansul systems. We sweat the details, big and small, so that you don't have to! 



• Sprinkler system design and installation
• 5-year fire sprinkler testing, maintenance, and repair
• Wet fire sprinkler systems included

Fire hydrants and pumps

5-year, annual, quarterly inspection, testing, maintenance and repair

Backflow prevention

Inspection, testing, maintenance and annual certification

Kitchen hoods & Ansul systems

• California Fire Code requires a wet-chemical fire suppression system meeting UL 300 Standards anytime grease-laden vapors are produced during the cooking process.  This requirement applies to all occupancy groups, except single-family dwellings.
• Installation, service and repair

Fire cabinets & paint booth sprinklers

Extinguisher cabinets, signs, and any other product for fire safety.


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