Fire safety is a critical aspect of workplace security, and the strategic placement of a fire extinguisher is needed to mitigate potential risks. Fire emergencies can occur at any time and the presence of a portable fire extinguisher is vital in preserving lives and property. It has the capacity to extinguish a small fire or contain it effectively until the arrival of the fire department. In this blog, we delve into best practices for positioning fire extinguishers in the workplace in order to safeguard employees and preserve valuable assets effectively.

Regulatory Compliance

The primary factor to consider when situating fire extinguishers is adherence to local and national regulations. Regulatory bodies often provide guidelines on the type, quantity and location of fire extinguishers based on the size and nature of the workplace. Employers should be familiar with these regulations and incorporate them into their workspace to prevent legal repercussions and, more significantly, to safeguard lives.

Identify Fire Hazards and Classifications

Before determining fire extinguisher placement, it is essential to identify potential fire hazards within the workplace. Different fires require different fire extinguisher types.

A Class A fire involves ordinary combustibles like wood and paper. Class B fires encompass flammable liquids and Class C fires pertain to energized electrical equipment.

A Class D fire involves combustible metals as the fuel source. Traditional water-based extinguishing agents are not suitable for Class D fires, as water can react with some metal fires, exacerbating the situation. Class D extinguishers typically use dry powder extinguishing agents to create a barrier between the combustible metal and oxygen, suppressing the combustion process.

Class K fires relate to fires in cooking appliances fueled by combustible cooking oils and fats. Wet chemical extinguishers are effective against Class K fires because they contain a special extinguishing agent that reacts with the cooking oil, creating a soapy foam-like substance.

Fire extinguishers vary and by understanding the nature of potential fire risks, business owners are able to strategically place them to address specific hazards.

Accessibility and Visibility

Fire extinguishers should be accessible and visible to all employees. Placing portable fire extinguishers near exits, high-risk areas and spaces with electrical equipment can improve response time during an emergency. Visibility is equally important as employees should be able to locate a portable fire extinguisher quickly without hesitation. The overall effectiveness of fire extinguisher placement is enhanced by proper lighting and clear signage.

Adequate Coverage and Spacing

The distribution of fire extinguishers should provide adequate coverage throughout the workplace. It is advisable to follow a spacing guideline to prevent any part of the facility from being inaccessible. Most fire extinguishers should be within 75 feet of travel in commercial buildings. This ensures that employees can reach an extinguisher within a reasonable timeframe, minimizing the spread of fire.

Regular Maintenance and Training

The functionality of fire extinguishers is as important as their placement. Regular maintenance checks, including inspections and refills, should be conducted to guarantee their proper working condition. Additionally, providing employees with proper training on fire extinguisher usage enhances their ability to respond effectively during an emergency.

Proper fire extinguisher placement in the workplace is a vital component of overall fire safety. By adhering to regulatory guidelines, identifying fire hazards, ensuring accessibility and visibility, maintaining adequate coverage and conducting regular maintenance and training, employers create a safer environment for their employees. Fire safety is a shared responsibility, and implementing these best practices contributes to the overall well-being of everyone in the workplace.

Partner with Firecode Safety Equipment for Fire Extinguisher Compliance and Placement

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We not only help you determine the optimal quantity and type of extinguishers but also assist in their strategic placement for maximum effectiveness. By collaborating with Firecode Safety Equipment, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive approach that considers accessibility, visibility, and coverage, tailored to the unique layout and risks of their facility. Furthermore, Firecode Safety Equipment provides regular maintenance and employee training, offering a holistic solution to improve overall fire safety in the workplace.

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