The film that answers the questions, “How Do Those Work Anyway?”

This is the complete fire safety training class for every employer; it covers all aspects of fire extinguisher training as required by Cal/OSHA 198.

This 30 minute video is a must for every business or service organization. It will give employees the confidence and practical know-how they need to react properly in a fire emergency, as well as valuable tips for fire prevention. Unlike some training films, this one is really exciting! Scenes of firemen fighting actual building fires and real life demonstrations by professionals using all types of extinguishers to fight real fires will keep your employees riveted to the screen and create an impression that will not quickly be forgotten. Dramatization of the steps to take in case of an office fire, (from spreading the alarm and notifying the fire department, to using the fire extinguisher, and finally making an orderly escape from the building) will show your employees exactly what they need to do to protect lives and minimize damage to your property.

Make sure that your staff is ready for an OSHA inspection!

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